Blacks Sassy


Back when there were camera stores seemingly everywhere there was a chain of stores in Canada called Blacks which was taken from the family name of the founders.  In any case they were a large enough retailer to have cameras rebranded with their name from a variety of manufacturers.  In this case I think this is another one of the variations of a Matsushita that came as the Leica mini, The Minolta Freedom Escort, Olympus Trip AF and possibly others.  So despite having the same internals as its siblings the Sassy went all out for style.  And by style I mean what passed for style in 1992.

When all is said and done though the camera has a 35mm f3.5 lens and the usual flash control features and works despite looking like it never lifts a finger with that gold trim.  I loaded it up with some terribly out of date Konica 400 film which leaves me with a good excuse to try the camera again, if only I can find an early 1990′s themed costume party.


2 Responses to “Blacks Sassy”

  • Art Whitaker Says:

    Nice colours with the old Konica film. This camera looks like a pimped up version of my Samsung AF Slim, a great little camera, Rollei also had a Prego variant.

  • ehpem Says:

    I’ve bought a couple Black’s branded cameras – both turned out to be Ricohs, one had a roll of Black’s branded film with it that had processing included. Missed the boat on that one.

    This one looks like it has a decent lens and might be a pretty good camera for the price that Black’s branded cameras usually go for ($3 to $7 in my area).

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