Canon A35 Datelux

Canon_Datelux-2651The A35 Datelux is pretty much the same as a Canon A35F but with a date function.  The camera was the first Canon camera to incorporate a built in flash and their last rangefinder if you include the A35F.  This was 1977 and the small fixed lens cameras like the Sure Shot that followed incorporated autofocus and motor advance rapidly bringing to an end the small fixed lens rangefinders.  The exposure system of the A35 Datelux is automatic unless you use flash where you can then set the aperture but forgo the exposure system and default to a 1/60sec shutter speed.
The lens is a 40mm f2.8 with 5 elements in 4 groups very likely the same or similar to that of the Canonet.  The shutter is limited to a maximum of 1/320 of a second which is quite restricting although it can stop down to f22.  The Date function is a very analog affair you set it by turning dials on the lens and rather than being a LED system it is a tiny light projected through a mask onto the film.
The viewfinder shows the aperture on the right hand side as well as the date function when it’s enabled. The meter is always on so a lens cap is a good idea to preserve the batteries.

A feature of this camera that I don’t like is that it locks the shutter if there is insufficient light, I want to be the judge of that thank you. And with a slow shutter speed of 1/60 second its easy to find yourself in a situation where the camera wont take a picture without turning the flash on. When you do have the flash turned on though the camera selects the aperture based on the focus distance which is handy.

This camera is not going to be as desirable as a QL17 or similar but as a footnote in the camera world it marks an interesting transition point, certainly for Canon.

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  • Adrian Catibog Says:

    Sir question. Do the parallax line of the datelux move when moving on the focus ring? base on my observation on my datelux only the rf patch moves.

  • Wallace Says:

    That’s correct there is no parallax correction just the different crop lines.

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