Minox GTE with outdated Fuji HR100


What happens when you use 25 year old Fuji Super HR 100 film in a camera of about the same age?  It’s a trick question because the camera doesn’t matter but the film went through some weird colour transformations.  I should mention that I exposed the film as if it were 50 ASA which was intended to help compensate for the loss of sensitivity over time of the film.  No matter what you do though there is no getting past the fact that the film is irrevocably outdated.  The blacks turned a toxic green and much of the contrast was lost, its fantastic.  Perhaps its a little rebellion against the perfection others are striving to achieve with digital photography.  Much as a painter laying down a stroke of thick paint can’t fully predict the result the uncertainty of film and especially expired film is a welcome diversion from high megapixels and just how much detail an image can capture before its heavily edited and shrunk down for posting to social media.


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