Olympus RC


One of the cutest little rangefinder camera out there the Olympus RC also stands out for its easy manual operation.  The Shutter speed can be easily selected with the dedicated top dial and the aperture set around the lens barrel or if you prefer it can be used as a shutter priority mode by selecting A (Automatic) on the aperture ring.  Ignoring the fact that I have recently acquired a quantity of terrible film that I am burning my way through the Olympus RC’s 5 element  lens is very good.  I will be trying it again with better film very shortly.   The fact that is camera is smaller than many point and shoots that came later and yet has full manual control with settings indicated in the viewfinder make this a terrific little camera.

4 Responses to “Olympus RC”

  • Andrea Massucco Says:

    I’d love to get one of these, but I thought its lens had far less distortion… the synth close-up is revealing!

  • Wallace Says:

    Andrea don’t use that image as an example of distortion. I had a nearly impossible time holding that film flat it was so curled at the edges. It was also so bad that I didn’t bother rescanning it. I have already shot another roll of better film with that camera and can say it is a lot better than this.

  • Andrea Massucco Says:

    Ohh I see Wallace, thank you for the reply! You should definitely get hold of Pakon for your scanning 😉

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