Olympus Trip


I have to admit that when I first started collecting cameras the Olympus Trip was not a camera that I was that interested in.  It has a completely automatic exposure system and zone focusing but are those really disadvantages or things to be embraced?  Maybe a little of both, when the light gets challenging I like to take over and I can’t do that easily with the Trip.  You can take an exposure reading and half press the shutter and then recompose or you can manipulate the ASA setting both of which are not always ideal.


If you look at the brochure from the time you can see that the Olympus Trip has a Tessar lens with 4 elements.  (40mm f2.8)

From about 1980 on the legacy of the original trip was a plastic wasteland of crappy cheap cameras until they released the digital Pen EP-1 in 2009 (technically it’s not in the Trip line but it has a similar look)


Coming from 1968 it still looks good design wise and only asks for a little film once in a while.  And yes I gave it some really poor film (outdated 100ISO generic drug store film)

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  • daveh Says:

    i just got a pen ft, have not shot it ( film ) yet. might be fun, or not, don’t know . probably i’ll waste a lot of film 🙂 maybe not.

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