Pentax MZ-6



The Pentax Mz-6 may not be a tank of a camera like a Nikon F5 or the Pentax MZ-s from the same era but it offers all the necessary controls for any type of image making.  It’s lightweight and compact meaning that the addition of the battery grip doesn’t turn it into a monster but rather allows the use of readily available AA batteries.  Previously the Pentax Z1-p was my camera of choice for making 35mm film images but the MZ-6 has better usability and is closer in operation to the DSLR I use.  A nice feature of this camera is its full compatibility with all K-mount lenses even ones without aperture rings. That matters when you try to use a lens such as the DFA100 Macro WR a lens without a physical ring for aperture control.  It also allows the use of older manual aperture control lenses transferring the setting to the camera with a physical linkage something that is missing from the DSLRs.



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