Olympus SP35 Rangefinder


The Olympus SP35 Rangefinder has a fantastic 7 element lens of 42mm and can be used in either automatic exposure or fully manual.  additionally it has the unique ability to spot meter when you press the ‘Spot’ button.  The meter gives its readings in EV rather than shutter speed and aperture but its easy to convert that into a useful setting of the camera as the EV value for the ISO/Shutter/Aperture combination is displayed in a small window on the lens barrel.  As long as the combination you select results in the same EV value as what the meter indicates you will get a correct exposure (Of course you may want to deviate from that).  When you want to meter for something specific such as a face that is back-lit you can use the spot meter button to determine the correct exposure for the spot (the same area as the focus patch). You would then just let the background be over exposed as a compromise.

At  600 grams it isn’t a dainty camera but it is finely made with all quality parts and materials. The f1.7 lens is no lightweight either adding its share to the heft.  More post about this camera can be found here The Swap Olympus SP35

I would have to say the Olympus Sp35 has a very sharp distortion free lens from center to corners in the same league as the Canon QL17 and Yashica GX

One thing about one camera:  The lens is a 42mm 1:1.7 Zuiko and the letter G denotes that it has 7 elements as G is the seventh letter in the alphabet.  So if you see a Zuiko D it has 4 elements ect.



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