Zeiss Ikonta M


Old cameras like this are never going to produce images that look like those from high-resolution digital cameras and that is okay.  What they do produce is a unique look and a thoughtful photographic experience.  This begins with the exposure, without any light meter it is up to the photographer to use some other tool or experience to determine the proper shutter and aperture.  One check towards slowing down and thinking.  The next is focusing, the camera does have a rangefinder but it isn’t coupled to the lens so after using the rangefinder to determine the distance the photographer then needs to transfer that to the lens.  Two checks towards thinking about what you’re doing.  Finally there is the framing through the square viewfinder, while the viewfinder itself is not particularly great the need to think about the image in terms of a square is and is a third reason to slow down and think.  The last half reason is the limited range of shutter speeds available.   I think it all makes for an enjoyable experience.



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