Industrial nocturne


I like to take advantage of opportunities to photograph when presented with them.  I had reason to be in North Vancouver recently and having wanted to get some pictures of the bulk and coal terminal there I packed appropriately  (I brought a tripod and my Pentax K-3).  I also took pictures here with some Cinestill film but I haven’t finished the roll yet so there may be so overlap in pictures when that is developed.   I like the complexity of industrial scenes and the fact that they are nocturnal makes it all the more interesting as if things are lit not for the benefit of those there but to add drama and simplify the scene.  My original idea was to bring back some imagery as source material for painting but at this point I just like these as photographs.

3 Responses to “Industrial nocturne”

  • daveh Says:

    very nice especially in that type of light, really like the trains in the yard, did you do much processing on these ? what lens did you use with the k-3 ? dave

  • Wallace Says:

    Dave I didn’t do that much processing mostly adjusting levels the white balance from the camera turned out to be the best even when I thought otherwise I ended up coming back to ‘as shot’. The lenses used were the DA*16-50 and DA*50-135

  • Nikhil Ramkarran Says:

    Excellent series, I really like these.

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